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A triangle aspiring to be a square or an oval wanting to be a star — that is what the desire for talks with the Taliban has been in Pakistan.


From the Editorial Desk – In the name of God

In Pakistan, people may fight for tribe, for sect, for religion, even for land, but they will never raise their voices, let alone arms, for ensuring that the country stays a republic.


From the Editorial Desk – Not an emotional affair

We seem to love foreigners as much as we expect them to spurn and deceive us.


From the Editorial Desk – Power and the press

What is the most basic duty of a journalist? Whose interests must a journalist watch out for?


From the Editorial Desk – The case for peace

A good peace is a bargain, a better peace is an understanding and the best peace is an agreement.


From the Editorial Desk – Nothing but the whole truth

We sow seeds of retribution in the land of conflict and hope for roses of peace and prosperity to grow; in our quixotic pursuit of enemies from alien lands, we tilt at windmills and expect to make things right by … Continue reading


From the Editorial Desk — Building upon the present

There must have been a moment, after the exhilaration ebbed and the headiness of triumph subsided, when Nawaz Sharif’s resounding success in the polls appeared to him to be a pyrrhic victory of sorts. After all, much like the Greek … Continue reading


From the Editorial Desk — Asking the right questions

How do individuals, communities and nations try to cope with adversity? History books throw up answers that are bewilderingly various: short and long, simple and complex, academic and practical, philosophical and psychological, ethical and political. There is, however, one thing … Continue reading

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