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Cover Story

80 by 80

The whole Roedad

The journey of a man, and an institution, through the decades


Special Report

A house divided

The cloak-and-dagger story of splits among Baloch militants



A berry-picker’s trial

Deconstructing the LHC verdict in Aasia Bibi’s case


Song and dance party

Cultural similarities and differences between the politics of yesterday and today



80 by 80

Utopian illusions – II

Read Utopian illusions — I
The Pakistani society in the 1990s witnessed hardening of attitude among this fringe element as the events and happenings during this era proved the utter failure and implausibility of Islamists’ program. The Islamisation project of …

80 by 80

Utopian illusions – I

Radical political thinkers of early 19th century used to criticize the ideals of French Revolution for its systematic flaw of looking into past in search of utopia and attracting the masses on the basis of that utopia. The main line …



80 by 80

Mystic river

Using iconography to summon up ancient wisdom

80 by 80

Imaginative strokes

A young artist’s take on society’s inconsistencies



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