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Cover Story

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Corps supporter

Fear of being attacked while travelling to Turbat, has kept Zikris of Gorkok area from visiting Turbat city.


Special Report

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Quiet burns the fire

Baldia blaze victims continue their search for justice two years on




Song and dance party

Cultural similarities and differences between the politics of yesterday and today


When the levee breaks

What turns floods into disaster and how best to mitigate that



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What if democracy does not bring stability?

Democracy always creates a lot of tumult. Silence is the characteristic of a graveyard. A vibrant society is always full of noise. In a developing country like Pakistan, this noise is usually coming from traditional class of politicians.


The failure of Islamist parties

Inability to achieve electoral success is often cited as the biggest failure of Pakistani Islamist political parties.



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Imaginative strokes

A young artist’s take on society’s inconsistencies

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Shakespeare’s tragic hero Hamlet comes home to Kashmir to haunt, and be haunted, with the painful reminder of his existential crisis – to be or not to be.



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