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The funny side of … army wives

army wives

Illustration by Fahad Naveed

Many years ago, I was at a military function where I heard an army wife, and the wife of a senior officer at that, say to some less fortunate wives, “When we were commanding the Gujranwala …


The funny side of…bomb blasts

Every time a bomb explodes, the otherwise somnolent intelligence agencies all of a sudden become very alert.


The funny side of…inventing history

We Pakistanis love history. We love it because we invent it; it is our creation.


The funny side of…travel writing

The other day, a young friend of mine introduced me to a man about my age. Very enthusiastically, he told him I was a travel writer. The gent, who had never read anything but Urdu newspapers, and for him writing was only what papers had, asked if I travelled from place to place gathering news for a paper?


The funny side of…security

I don’t know when they started it – it seems to have always been around – but this paranoia of security against the enemy state pervades the national psyche deeply. This, however, entails only a moratorium on photography; all else, like blowing up PNS Mehran or Kamra airbase, apparently being kosher.


The funny side of…obscenity

I must be going blind. Or just stupid. How else would I fail to see things that should send a lecherous old fart like me going hubba, hubba, hubba?


The funny side of…monkey business

Salman Rashid comments on climbing pylons as a new form of protest


The funny side of… fashion

To start with, and on a very serious note, one must protest. There is no lighter side of fashion. Fashion is serious business. If you didn’t know that, you haven’t been listening to all the local fashion gurus … the …

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