In conversation with…Aamer Hussein

“I write to reach out to others and to myself”


In conversation with: Habib Fida Ali

“Mohatta Palace was one of my more difficult assignments”


In conversation with: Uzma Aslam Khan

Author Uzma Aslam Khan concedes that fiction writing is a mysterious process, one where the story guides the writer rather than the other way around.


“At no point in history has the written word been required more than in present times”

Fahmida Riaz, writer, human rights activist and the author of more than 15 books on fiction and poetry, has always been at the centre of controversies. Amar Sindhu sat down with her for a conversation


“You have to give classical music a new tone to keep it alive”

The duo behind the Sachal Studios, Mushtaq Soofi and Izzat Majeed [Photo by Azhar Jafri]

The duo behind the Sachal Studios, Mushtaq Soofi and Izzat Majeed [Photo by Azhar Jafri/White Star]

Sachal Studios
 is the brainchild of Izzat Majeed and Mushtaq Soofi, is a labour of love for both men. Their passion for music …


The king is back, long live the king

Nawaz Sharif chose for himself the image of someone who did not yield to a request readily, a politician with depth and the capability of keeping people guessing.


Kenize Mourad

As a journalist and an author, Mourad has tried to bring to light certain historical events from the East in her nuanced and empathic fiction.


Trail of success

Malick has signed three films with producer and writer par excellence ,Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

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