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Dear Diary, order, order, order! I know you’re not doing anything untoward, but I just like saying this. Just thank your stars that I haven’t issued a suo moto notice against you. Why, you ask? Because.

Confused? Good. So, Dear Diary, order, order, order! I’m still very concerned about the whole CNG issue. Just heard that ANP’s Bashir Bilour has been killed by those whose name I cannot speak because it is not in the Constitution.

Anyway, what can be more important than the CNG issue, and the delimitation of Karachi’s constituencies and the President’s role in the ruling party and, of course, the rising price of potatoes, tomatoes and tomatoes and potatoes…

Right. I am feeling mighty pleased with the way I issued a contempt of court order against that Muhajir whose name I can speak but you, Dear Diary, wouldn’t. Shame on you.

So, that Muhajir was going around in London of all the places, badmouthing the gallant judiciary and the even more gallant yours truly. Can you believe that?

What did I do to make him so angry? Did he think I was talking about him when I was talking about potatoes and tomatoes?

My order, nay, order, order, order, to carry out the delimitation of Karachi’s constituencies is for the good of that godforsaken city. Isn’t it obvious how delimitation will curb crime in Karachi?

It isn’t? Dear Diary, you DO NOT have the right to contradict me. Are you by any chance also being written by that crook Malik Riaz? Yes, the same fellow who tried to sully my name by drowning my innocent son in all kinds of false allegations of corruption.

Alhamdullillah, as we have seen how all those allegations were wrong and malicious and false and … Oh, well, what can I say? I’m an impartial judge and should remain neutral.

Dear Diary, why on earth are you snickering? Did I say anything funny? Being a judge is no laughing matter. It is a very serious business. That’s exactly why I have now decided to issue a suo moto notice against the quality of buns being used by bun kebab vendors. And also against the quality of lids being used to cover manholes.

Yes, Diary dearest, I will do anything and everything to keep myself in the headlines. If you have a problem with that then please file a petition against me that will be heard by a bench of senior judges headed by, of course, me!

Me, me, me! If a party can be called PPP, why can’t I call my gallant judicial posse Me, Me, Me?

So, darling Diary, as I was saying, how concerned I am about corruption, CNG, manholes, potatoes and tomatoes and delimitation of … Who? Who got shot? Malala? Was she Hindu? I mean, sounds like a Sanskrit name. She was shot in Swat? Hmmm. Must act against those gangs in Karachi fast. It seems they’ve extended their reach all the way to Swat.

She was shot by whom? Dear Diary, order, order, order! Please do not distract me. I have very important things to think about: i.e. Price of potatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes and potatoes. Diary adjourned.

One thought on “Journal observations

  1. yes, obvious and very true observation. Since every one of us want to remain in headlines but do not want to act in line to purify the waste we have in our system. The garbage or unwanted practices whether it is in parliamentary business, administrative affairs or legal procedures, no one is bother to rectify that.
    Actually we are not working on the systems and its betterment and strengthening it. whether it system of traffic or consumer market control system.
    whether it is system of national priorities or system monetary decisions and collection of taxes. The most important is the judges have to maintain Justice and more than that is timely justice but here people (mango people) waiting for their claims for years.
    Parliamentarians who has to make law and introduce cure for all the ills of the society, they and we believe that they are administrators and mostly they are above the law. Unfortunately they are not working what they are supposed to be. In all over the world, these are doing the job of think tanks and used to be search engine of the solution of the national problems but here there most of the time is served in solution of the personal and individual’s problems. in most of the world parliamentarian speak or comment on the decision in ours case they vote on their leaders decisions.
    lastly our bureaucracy and army, i will say only that first one is a tool to run the administrative affairs in given framework and unfortunately they exploit the framework because they know that they are powerful enough and there are many ways to save themselves with in that framework or out of that framework, lastly about the second one i will only say some words i listened in my childhood that armies are normally for the nations but in our case the country is for the ARMY.

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