The daughter of the nation

Photo by Geoff  Brokate

Photo by Geoff Brokate

When in October 2012, a lone gunman shot a teenage girl in the head, he would not have known in his wildest imagination that the life he was meant to snuff out would come back to haunt, in perpetuity, him and those who had sent him on his mission. The point they wanted to make by killing her had backfired. She had defied them a second time. She defied death too.

They should have known better. In a country where so many believe so much to be wrong, but never have the courage or the motivation or simply the desire to speak up, Malala Yousafzai had written a glorious chapter with her steely will and grit in the early part of 2009. Who wouldn’t recall those days when Mullah (Radio) Fazlullah and his band of murderous marauders were allowed to establish sway over the Swat Valley and adjoining areas and enforce their brand of obscurantist Islam and spread darkness in a land where education had traditionally been cherished. In addition to a reign of terror where public beheadings and hangings in the main chowk in Mingora became the order of the day, Mullah Radio’s armed men also started to restrict the freedom of movement of women. They were ordered not to step out of the house without a mehram (male chaperone). All men were advised, under the threat of a bullet to the head, to grow beards. Salons were shut down as they were deemed to be plying an un-Islamic trade. Women suspected of being ladies of the night were kidnapped and executed. Swat residents say the environment was of such fear that nobody felt comfortable confiding even in close friends.

It was against this backdrop that the Taliban decreed female education un-Islamic. They must have thought their brutality was so overwhelming that nobody would dare defy them. They were mostly right, save for a 12-year-old girl who had other ideas. The passion that burned within her for an education for herself and other girls in her area surfaced in the form of a blog on where she wrote under a nom de plume, Gul Makai. Her pieces offered a poignant window to life in Swat. Surrounded by the unchallenged Taliban, who had overrun all established authority and were well-funded, benefitting from a levy on the multi-billion-rupee logging industry in the area, Malala’s defiance must rank alongside some of history’s bravest acts. Her own words, her eloquence, are perhaps the most befitting tribute to her. No wonder she became an international celebrity, and a symbol of defiance to the Taliban and a role model for school-going girls in the country. She must have represented such a sty in the eye of the Taliban that, more than three years after she first became known, they tried to kill her.

Photo by Kohi Marri

Photo by Kohi Marri

Reproduced here from the BBC website, are some of her ‘diary entries’ from that period. She wrote on January 3, 2009: “I had a terrible dream yesterday with military helicopters and the Taliban. I have had such dreams since the launch of the military operation in Swat. I was afraid [of] going to school because the Taliban had issued an edict banning all girls from attending schools. Only 11 students attended the class out of 27. The number decreased because of the Taliban’s edict. On my way home from school I heard a man saying ‘I will kill you’. I hastened my pace … to my utter relief he was talking on his mobile and must have been threatening someone else over the phone.”

A day later, on January 4: “Today is a holiday and I woke up late, around 10 am. I heard my father talking about another three bodies lying at Green Chowk (crossing). I felt bad [upon] hearing this news. Before the launch of the military operation we all used to go to Marghazar, Fiza Ghat and Kanju for picnics on Sundays. But now the situation is such that we have not been out on picnic for over a year and a half. We also used to go for a walk after dinner but now we are back home before sunset. Today I did some household chores, my homework and played with my brother. But my heart was beating fast — as I have to go to school tomorrow.”

A small incident such as Malala’s shooting will bring no change where hundreds of Afghan and Pakistanis, especially women and children, are killed every day by US-led bombardments, drone attacks and terrorism of Islamic fundamentalists. There is, and will be, no turning point because the CIA created these fundamentalists through the ISI [Inter-Services Intelligence] during the Cold War in Afghanistan and is still empowering them. It is known to all that the Pakistan Army rules the country, and any efforts made against extremism are futile as the Army still supports the fundamentalists, such as the criminals in the Afghan government, the Taliban (both Afghan and Pakistani), Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin and Haqqani networks.

— Malalai Joya is an activist and former member of the National Assembly of Afghanistan

And my final selection is from January 5: “I was getting ready for school and about to wear my uniform when I remembered that our principal had told us not to wear uniforms and come to school wearing normal clothes instead. So I decided to wear my favourite pink dress. Other girls in school were also wearing colourful dresses and the school presented a homely look. My friend came to me and said, “For God’s sake, answer me honestly, is our school going to be attacked by the Taliban?” During the morning assembly we were told not to wear colourful clothes as the Taliban would object to it. I came back from school and had tuition sessions after lunch. In the evening, I switched on the TV and heard that [the] curfew had been lifted from Shakardra after 15 days. I was happy to hear that because our English teacher lived in the area and she might be coming to school now.”

Such single-minded pursuit of your goal when the penalty could be your life or the life of your near and dear ones is a manifestation of unimaginable courage. Yes, courage may have become a cliché to describe lesser feats but Malala embodies it. She and her family had to leave Swat ahead of the military operation a bit later in 2009 but once the military had broken the stranglehold of Mullah Fazlullah and his faction of the Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP), she promptly returned. It is also a tribute to her parents that they have supported her through thick and thin when more well off parents in much more secure environments would have backed down in the face of relentless pressure by the TTP. This isn’t a surprise, for her father is an educationist who is known for his efforts for girls’ education. Whatever the longer-term state of education in the country, and particularly of female education, Malala’s contribution to the cause would surely rank as one of the most edifying in Pakistan’s history.

And what a sacrifice it is. The 15-year-old still battles on, in a specialist medical facility in Birmingham, to return to a degree of normality. The gunshot to her head may have fortuitously spared her life but it didn’t leave her entirely unscathed. What else would explain the loss of one of the teenager’s main assets, her disarming smile? Hopefully, she’ll regain it. She must.

As Pakistan faces an existentialist threat, the lack of consensus in society on the fundamentals is alarming, to say the least. There were those who condemned the attack on the Swat girl unequivocally. Then there were those who saw her as a victim but said the attack was part of a grand ‘foreign’ conspiracy to manipulate public opinion in Pakistan. And then there were those who even rubbished the fact that she’d been shot in the head. The level of bile directed against the innocent girl, her father and her family was staggering, given what had happened. Some on social media became medical experts, questioning how the girl could be alive, having been shot in the head; others said they couldn’t see any evidence of a bullet injury —having merely watched her being shifted to hospital on TV.

Pakistan has done an excellent job of explaining to the international community that the Malala tragedy does not fit within Pakistan’s vision for itself. The government has emphasized that girls can already go to school freely and are not forced to adhere to orthodox religious practices against their will. At the same time, law enforcement institutions must set a stronger example in implementation by arresting, prosecuting, and indicting violent extremists. The Pakistani military also has a history of using extremist groups in conflicts related to India and Afghanistan. An adjustment of this policy would also send the message that the government does not advocate religious terrorism and extremism of any kind.

— Shamila N Chaudhary is a Senior South Asia Fellow at the New America Foundation and an analyst with the Eurasia Group.

So, where are we now? Has the teenager’s heroic battle for the cause of education made a big difference to attitudes in Pakistan? It almost appears as if political parties are relieved that she was airlifted abroad and they don’t have to deal with her every day. President Asif Ali Zardari may have visited her in the UK but has the education allocation been upped at home, what to talk of the women’s education budget? Also, there have been reports in the media that at least one other girl from Malala’s school, who was also injured alongside her, is relocating with her family — so overwhelming is the sense of insecurity in Swat, despite heavy military presence. All this as we wait for a political consensus to crush militancy and terror in the country. Some predicate a consensus on holding of elections and others on the US drones disappearing from our horizons.

Illustration by Sabir Nazar

Illustration by Sabir Nazar

Both these goals may be perfectly valid in their own right but the connection between these and the need to clamp down on merchants of terror and their toxic ideology remains tenuous at best. Therefore, Malala Yousafzai, the Karachi teenager Mehzar Zehra (shot dead by sectarian militants on November 30, 2012 as she was on her way to school) and countless others like them across the country, whose aspiration is far simpler and rudimentary – to educate themselves in an environment free of discrimination, fear, intimidation and intolerance – are still being let down. When Malala was attacked, the initial outrage appeared so potent, it triggered hopes for change. A couple of months down the line, the international community continues to fête her, while for all practical purposes, most of Pakistan seems to have moved on.

However, each publicised event to honour her will be a reminder how she, a teenaged girl, stood up to the Taliban when many others simply chose to capitulate. This will be her real legacy. As will be the determined faces of the innumerable schoolgirls she inspired and that one saw on TV after the attack, pledging to carry on with their education no matter what the challenges. There cannot be a worthier personality of the year. Given her courageous, inspirational life in pursuit of her cause; her calm and composed response to the forces of darkness and the fact that she had the choice to go elsewhere and continue to educate herself but chose to make a statement in the midst of a volatile environment for the sake of other girls, leaves her miles in front of any other contender. May she regain her smile, and smile forever. She represents the most beautiful repartee, and a potent symbol of opposition, to the toxic ideology that the Taliban embody.

98 thoughts on “The daughter of the nation

  1. I salute you Abbas Nasir for such an excellent article. Malala is a ray of hope for all Pakistanis who believe in peace, human rights, knowledge, debate, freedom, and respect for other,s point of view, religion and sect.

    • I totally agree with you. It is rarely, I get mentally moved so much after reading an article. Mr. Abbas deserves my heartily thanks.

    • Dr.Khan…there is nothing wrong with tolerance towards other human beings. What we see in Pakistan has become so extreme that one is absolutely dumbfounded. why must be there so much violence? I mean how can Taliban go around spread the word of Allah if they keep killing people? India has muslims too you don’t see them running around and taking lives. Taliban have given Islam a very bad name and people now laugh when some one says Islam is a religion of peace! Would you not agree?

      • I totally agree,this take over of the religion by a myopic few who want to preach their own fire brand of Islam is unacceptable. Like in Algeria they need to be dealt with with severe means. Pakistan has to brace itself to have an all out assault on these none state players once in for all. There is no in betweens

        • All out assault: You mean over eleven years by US-NATO-PAK is not all out? Remember you are facing Allah’s ultimate warriors…you will lose. Now, or in a hundred years, but you will lose in the end. It is written in history. Ask Alexander. Ask the Persians. Ask the defunct USSR.

          • Allah’s Warriors? please don’t malign Allah. Allah is kind and merciful, these people are soldiers of devil. Brain washed by a handful of misguided leaders who had left Islam long ago. Only a Jihad by Muslims can wipe them off the face of world.

          • You need to study the numbers, read the small print: Large numbers of Untouchable Dalets converting to Christianity and Islam. Many massacred off while doing so.

    • Malala the drone lady as she is known in Swat is the daughter of terror. She has invited fear, terror, and death on her own people. She is the greatest propaganda stunt on the Pakistani simple people.

      • Here we go again. Irene, I take it this is not your real name but I do believe that you don’t live in Pakistan. Agreed that this country has many many faults but this innocent girl is not one of them. You are a victim of exactly the kind of thing this little girl wants for all girl – education. Learn from her.

        • Taliban were not objecting against school but did not want under age Muslim girls being taught sexual activity and Christian Bibles teaching that Jesus is god. This Bible teaching is done by various aid, medical and refugee service groups funded by Western churches.

          And you sir need to think critically and independently…if that is possible in your country.

  2. Yes. Taliban are children of the Pak Army. They are there to serve special interests of their creators. Pak Army would never go against them. In their code of morality, it is no sin to let a few Taliban killed fighting the army to prove that they are not accomplices, or to let Taliban attack a sensitive spot in an army, Navy of Air force cantonment; the real purpose of raising Taliban is much higher then these minor incidents. They are there to fight India when and if need arises. Attacks within the country are nothing but a part of their training and a way to keep Taliban groomed, fit and ready!

  3. sitting in the lap of the west, dawn and rest of the media is very good at making heroes out of zeroes, the manner in which malala has been highlighted, if you spend the same time and resources on highlighting the deaths of tribal children in the hands of US drones, it would have served well….Oh but no wait.. malala idealizes Obama on whose behest drone attacks are carried out. while he talks about children education…

    • Malala and Drone attacks are two separate issues.I remember Taliban supporters complaining about media not paying attention to afgan kids when TALIBAN were destroying priceless Bamiyan Budhha statues.Now same people want people to overlook poor kids plight and foucus on drone attacks.

    • Time to call a spade a spade mate! What is happening in the tribal areas is wrong and all Pakistanis have always condemened the drone attacks but what the terrorists and what Fazullah’s men did and are still doing in Swat is equally wrong.Yes drone attacks should be condemened and yes shooting of an innocent school girl should be condemened with equal zeal!

      • Malala is not firing drones, so why are you against her?? just because she defies the goons and thugs called Taliban??? I am against drone strikes but I love Malala. If you hate Malala, you are a Taliban supporter. However, only thugs and butchers of humanity are under attack NOT innocents.. people like you can keep praying for killers and thugs while the rest of Pakistan will keep loving our Lovely Malala :)

    • You will never criticize the Taliban for causing so many civilian deaths In Pakistan. Pakistan is not suffering because of drone strikes, its suffering because of the mentality that all our wrongs are caused USA.Whats wrong in saying she likes Obama? Obama is the first African American to be the President of the United States and as such is inspiring to a lot of young people around the world who see in him a person who defied odds.The drones are not sent out to kill children,they are sent out to kill the terrorists coward Taliban who hide among civilians .You have a better way of dealing with these barbarians????Dont tell me engage them, they are the type “latoon kay bhoot batoon say nahee mantay”

      • I don’t think so. He speaks the truth. Malala is known as the Drown Lady in Swat because of her work with foreign agencies. Girls don’t want her name on their school or be associated with her whatsoever. The media is simply pushing her for financial pay-offs.

        • If army and govt had done their work and destroyed the savages, no country would dare to use drones. so dont give me the apologist script.

          • No country is attacked unless its army and government are stooges, and its civilians are dehumanized and demonized as “Savages” by their very own. No self-respecting people allow foreign spies and agent provocateurs to rampage through its streets. And foreign air-forces in its skies. Not ever…!

          • Do be careful what you condemn others to. That day is not far when these deones will be buzzing your neighbourhood 24/7.

            Perhaps your home and family in their cross-hairs. You will then feel the fear, and see it in innocent eyes you hold dear. Would you see them in the morning…
            Remember those who control the drones think of you and yours as savages too.

    • i cant say about media but your observation about drones and the top killer of world mr obama is very right.children geting killed in dozens also deserves attention,and to talk about them is sikness then ithink every peace loving human should be suffering from this desease.

    • If there were no people like sami rehman and the way they think, do you think Pakistan would be in hell as it is today? After all it is this exactly people like him with convoluted way of thinking that has brought Pakistan to the inferno that it has become one. Sami Rehman’s comments reflect the symptom of chronic disease that has plagued Pakistan, a Spector that haunting Pakistan.

      • sami rehman sees through the truth through the hype, tricks, and propaganda. Had Pakistan more people like him, it could not be exploited and used as it is being now by foreign agents making them look like heroes.

    • Sami is spot on. Malala was just a propaganda to divert the attention from Anti Muslim film. The media will never give proper coverage to children and innocent amputed and killed by drone attacks. Its simply bcoz they want you to support this WAR. Open your Eyes and do some honest research. Dont Judge countries and situations by what you see on your average western news channels.

    • Drone attacks are due to terrorists who are controlling FATA and residing in people’s homes. Malala Yousafzai is not responsible for their deaths.

    • she link with girls education . Other than she representing nothing , I don’t why it’s bother so many people. If you hate girls education just come clean and say it.

      • There are more women than men in Pakistan’s universities, from Karachi to Khyber. By your logic do you hate men being educated in universities?

        • The female literacy rate in Pakistan is dismally low and half as much as men’s literacy rate. That’s the point. Your response is totally illogical. Even if women in my family are more educated than the men, it cant be generalized to the whole country. We have actual figures for literacy so that arguments like yours can be thwarted. Secondly, Taliban only stopped girls from getting education, not boys, which is the whole point of this debate. You lost the plot, mate.

    • Well the Americans and the other NATO countries will be gone soon and NO MORE DRONES but the TALIBAN will still be there in Pakistan, what will Pakistan do then?

    • r u for real?

      malala could be anyone daughter, she is a child, is it ok to kill a child for whaever perverted reason people like u can think of

      • Daughters of the poor are being droned every day. Three killed the very week she was attacked and injured. Any thoughts for those unsung buried dead?

    • Drones are the only effective weapon against Taliban. No wonder why Taliban people would love to connect drone attacks with Malala shooting. If drone attacks are stopped, Taliban would have a field day all over Pakistan. They hate drone attacks because they can’t do much about it. If they force people to choose their way of life, others have legitimate right to take them on as they see fit.

      • If drones were effective effective against Taliban than after eleven years there would be no Taliban left. Drone only kill their families, elderly parents, and children sleeping in bed at home.

        Taliban are in the hills, cliff, caves, gullies, and ravines…fighting strong. Taliban in their bare feet and trusty Kalashnikov will defeat the most advanced war machine and satellite technology ever built, the world has ever seen.

  4. Malala is a product of her fathers ambitions. At the age where most youngsters are not even fully aware of what they do the statements of her published on BBC are baffling especially when most of the ordinary people find it impossible to get even their comments published let alone becoming regular contributors. Malala may be the daughter of the nation but that nation is certainly not Pakistan. She is darling of the west and for most Pakistanis irrelevant

  5. The epitome of the bravery and free human spirit, Ms Malala Yousafzai is the dream-daughter that every family on this earth needs today and prays for. She is the daughter of the entire Mother Earth. GOD bless the noble soul!

  6. very well writtrn piece Indeed she is the shinning star in an other wise morally bankrupt nation. We know that taliban a scourage was created by army and naturally if the 5th largest army cannto drive few thousand from an small area speaks volume of their complacity in the spread of evil . Paki has maligned and plundered Islam to a most evil ends and that is why this torture of innocent people and sinking in dark ages will continue. The social media namely TV continue to give voice to those who twist and misrepresent the religion. Pajkistanis are great in wearing religion on their sleeves but not in parchment of the heart and soul.

    • The Taliban are the ultimate guerrilla fighters. Best of the best. Most adaptable, audacious, brilliant the World has ever seen. Not even Che Guevara comes close. They have defeated and repulsed the combined US-NATO 37country ruthless brutal onslaught laced with state of the arts science fiction type weaponry…over eleven yours of endurance, sustained, resolute, unrelenting counter-warfare.

      Pakistani mercenaries are no match for the fierce Taliban warrior. Sorry.

    • Taliban Taliban Taliban, Pakistani Nation, Pakistan, Bankrupt. it is regret to mention that instead of criticizing and blaming our own country and the nation we should do something to bring them on right track. with all freedom and honesty we should analyze our selves first that how sincere are us with our deen and country and what we have done in actual for our nation.

      revolution starts from a person not from groups if one will understand the objective of what he/she must follow to justify that Islam and Muslims are the best then mark my words that within very short time every thing will start coming on right track.

      Long story short we should tune our channels on right frequency first, instead of being extremist, or social, or modern, or secular, we should be a TRUE MUSLIM.

      May Allah confers us the understanding of our DEEN and DUNYA Ameen.

  7. ji han mary kch bhaiyn nay theek kaha k hmary han yellow jounalism bohut acha kirdar adda kar rahi hai….. Malala jasi or lakhon larkiyn pakisatn ki baityn jo ziada qabil e rehm halt main hai unhan na hi ziada highlight kiya jata hai na hi un k liye kch kiya jata hai… sailkot k blast main 4 behan un ka iklota bhai blast main mara gai baap sadmy say pagal ho gai maan baity ki mot k 2 din bad inteqal kr gain yeh news hi thi par isay utni importance nai di gai jitni mala ki activities ko di jati hain… i think so that malala is the ray of hope for america for USA’s national’s interests…

  8. To the strange person that left the horrible comment above:
    Malala is an inspiration to the entire World. Yes, she is a hero.

    • To quote the exact words from an American assessment report: It is like “ squashing bugs and cutting grass” you have to do it on a regularly”

  9. I don’t understand what Sami Rehman said wrong? Offcourse shooting malala was bad but how much criticism is done against the US drones and killings all started due to this war on terror?

  10. Very well written and thought provoking piece of work,indeed.No doubt for Malala’s heroism.May she get well soon.
    However,Mullah Omer’s Taliban and present factions of Taliban are quite different.We must not confuse the word ‘Taliban’ when National Interest is concerned.Besides dominating this area for ‘other’ purposes , US also has been successful in monopolized our routine vocabulary by corrupting the words, like fundamentalism , extremism , terrorism and not forgetting Taliban, by their presence in Afghanistan.Let us be very clear in our perceptions especially when reading or watching.
    Pakistan Army must carry on in pursuance of peace, stability and national integration , at least till the government is busy looting and plundering.

    • You got to be kidding me. Pulling our leg. No one is that naive. Have you even looked at the enormous amount of evidence of her involvement in the Drone Program? Enough to sink a ship. Even the locals in Swat call her the Drone Lady.

  11. Folks
    What is the use? Malala was almost martyred because of the cowardice shown by the so called brave Taliban. The powers that be are so corrupt run by a war mongering army generals. Please tell me how should a citizen of pakistan act?
    I think most of you folks are helpless like your fellow citizens in India.

    How many Malalas does it take to take down all these villains?

    Pakistani people have lost faith in the institutions that are supposed to protect them. People are confused and the morale is down.

    • The person who wounded her could not be captured but his seventeen year old innocent fiancee was taken from her parents home and ‘interrogated’ and kept in police custody…you know what I mean.

    • Pakistan”s principle,character,desitiny,deeds are ISLAAM,this girl represents.Un Islaamic idealogy.Taalibaan are true good practicing muslims.They will Rule DELHI soon.

    • Those who fight and die in the cause of Allah—Good, Truth, Justice—are the Shaheed. Advocating and dying in the cause of the Crusader Death Machine is NOT martyrdom but shame here and in the Here-after.

  12. we should talk rationally and must not abuse each other. No doubt Malaala is a brave girl who stood for a great cause and faced the brutal taliban but we should also see the other side of the picture. the root cause of this menace terrorism is the presence of America in the area and drone attacks in our tribal belt. Let there be an independent government of Afghanistan and let there be no drone attacks and militory operations in FATA, I more than 100 % sure that there will be peace and harmony in both states Afghanistan and Pakistan. Potentially these are two great nations and can become like that if the great powers of the world desire to do so. by saying so i dont blame international community but our own leaders and rulers who are looting this nation of Jinnah mercilessly for the last 65 years.

  13. I feel Malala has become a symbol of movement for all the women of the world. She has proved that women will come up to solve social problem of our societies. She stood against such odd so boldly & sparked ray of hope among all the women. I salute her on her achievement, she was deserving for Nobel.

    Equally I feel Taliban was created by Americans & now Pakistan is facing Taliban with all handicapped effort as things are out of control now.

  14. The biggest misinformation coming from Pakistan is the repeated lie that the Taliban are supported by the US….this is completely false…the Taliban get their support from radical Islamists and extremist mullahs….they are the enemy of both the US and Pakistan…when the US leaves Afganistan the Taliban will still be the and Pakistan will have to fight them alone…good luck stopping these killers that hide behind radical Islam…

  15. She is very young and needs our blessings and well wishes. At the same time, she is extraordinary and we are unlikely to see the likes of her very often. Despite her young age, she is worthy of anyone touching her feet in reverence. I know I would. Question is, will people of Pakistan unite and protect this girl so that she can blossom into an international leader? Paksitan would then be a nation to look up to. Unfortunately it is a rogue state now, otherwise I doubt Malala would be known to the world. We are Indeed blessed to know of you Malala.

  16. There would be no drones if Pakistan’s Army did their job right in the first place. Drones are doing the dirty work for them with the permission of Pakistan’s Government.

    • The whole of Malala issue is a mere drama.Though I am being a little sarcastic,yet I ask that where all these lauders of women education and rights disappear when it comes to Aafia Siddqui?

  17. No father, no mother in the West would allow their child to be used in this manner. And if they did the Federal and State authorities, including child protective service, would step in and shut down the whole thing.

    No photographs much less such exploitation of a child is ever allowed in the US…it is a felony, a major criminal offense.

  18. It is a beginning of new WOMAN ERAS in Pakistan and other Muslim Nation. I hope and wish her efforts to promote woman education will not fail.

    • Women education has a long tradition in Pakistan. Today there are more women in every Pakistani university than there are men. Clearly these girls went through school and college before they landed in an university program. A fact ‘The Malala Campaign’ organizers in their enthusiasm to malign women education in Pakistan overlooked.

      But it is there for all to see.

      • Do you know the literacy rate of Pakistani women? Please look it up? Compare to other regional countries and developed nations. Also compare it to Pakistani men. You will learn something. There is a bigger picture of the world and society, which is beyond your immediate family and social class.

  19. This is what the enemies of Pakistan want, to diversify the nations’ mindset and bring the division in the ideology of the nation. We, as a nation, have absolutely no confidence over any thing. The enemies have defeated us without a battle by promoting their culture for free in the name of entertainment.

  20. All those criticizing Malala are actually jealous they didn’t get the Malala fame themselves. And nothing Islamic about Taliban who kill innocent people.

  21. I appriciate you malala. I love your courage and motive of your are the symbole of courage. Its my coadial wish for you that may Allah keep you always in his grave blessing .ameen

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