Contenders and pretenders


The outgoing year was a happening one — and not always in a positive sense. A long list of individuals marked milestones for Pakistan in 2012 in their own ways and helped determine how the country fared in recent times. It was, therefore, natural that for each spot on the Herald’s list for the people of the year there was more than one contender but due to constraints of space, not all of them can be featured on these pages.

So, after shortlisting 10 most noteworthy persons out of dozens, it was but in the fitness of things that we appreciated and acknowledged the individuals who could have made the final cut but were missed out by a narrow margin. They are our contenders and, a few who were at best, pretenders, vying for fame this year and representing a vast variety of fields — from sports to media to engineering and politics:

Aamina Sheikh

Aamir Liaquat Hussain

Muhammad Asif

Ayaz Latif Palijo

Aslam Khan Raisani

Agha Waqar Ahmed

Farooq Naeq

Maya Khan

Rimsha Masih

(You can about these individuals in the print version of Herald’s Annual issue.)






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