Annual sports debate 2012


Should Pakistan send a national squad to Olympics 2016?

Pakistan’s abysmal performance at the London Olympics has led many people to ask this question. On Monday, December 10, between 6pm and 8pm, the Herald has invited three panelists to discuss whether or not Pakistan should be sending a national squad to the Olympics in 2016. After the discussion, the floor will be open for our readers’ questions.

Lieutenant General (retd) Arif Hasan

Arif Hasan has been president of Pakistan Olympic Association since 2004. Critics claim that under his watch, the country’s fate at the most prestigious global sporting event has not improved.

Sohail Abbas

Sohail Abbas is world recorder holder for the most number of goals in world hockey – he has 348 goals to his name. A veteran of four Olympics, Abbas was Pakistan’s hockey captain for this year’s games as well as flag-bearer at the opening ceremony.

Waheed Khan

Waheed Khan is a reputed sports journalist working for The News. He is now anchoring a sports show on Geo Super.

10 thoughts on “Annual sports debate 2012

  1. hi this is waheed khan my apologies for not being able to join in the discussion but from what I have read so far it is the same old arguments and blame game going on….sorry to say this…but until we don’t have a proper sports infrastructure and the POA and PSB don’t start functioning on professional lines and unless the government starts some serious funding into sports…better we stay away from the mega event

  2. My question to Arif Hasan is…General sahab who should be held responsible for the selection and preparation of squads before every Olympics…

  3. Because until that is defined clearly…..I don’t see any chance of our participation in the Olympics resulting in any medal or encouraging performance from our athletes…

  4. It is a great effort by you guys to have a live discussion on something other than cricket…..unfortunately couldn’t be a part of it…but would still say that more such discussions are required to make the government realize that without adequate funding no use sending a contingent to the Olympics…

  5. India celebrated their best ever olympics in London…but they tasted sucess simply because of the million of dollars invested in the preparatoin of athletes by their government and private sector…we need that sort of funding in Pakistan and the POA has to play a lead role in getting the private/corporate sector involved in the Olympics…

  6. when the corporate/private sector can invest so much in cricket why not other sports…I have been to three Olympic games and believe me nothing can match the pride that comes with every medal won by your country…
    The POA and athletes like Sohail need to reach out to the corporate and private sector and convince them we need to launch a mission Olympics well in advance

  7. I have never seen the 15-year old swimmer, Anum Bandey in action…but at her age I am pretty sure that if she is provided the best training facilities and coaches from now in four years time she can become a prospective medal hope for Pakistan..if we have such well prepared athletes going to the Olympics than fine we should be sending a contingent to Brazil but without preparations and funding for athletes please let us not waste our time..because it makes no sense to participate just for sake of participation or to to ensure officials of some federations get a chance to do some sightseening in Brazil by accompaning the contingent as officials of different disciplines.

  8. I am pretty sure funds can be raised for the next Olympics with some proper planning…Arif Hasan should recall just how successful the Saver fund and Hero raffle scheme was in raising funds…some scheme on those lines could bring in much needed expertise and money to prepare our athletes for the Olympics in 2016…

  9. In Pakistan our preparations for the Olympics start when hardly a year or less is left for the games…if this is to continue please let us not waste our time and money on sending a contingent in the first place to win a Olympic medal is a big deal but each medal won by any country also carries a story of hardwork, years of preparation and dedication from all involved..these things have so far been missing from our efforts

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