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In the continuously played out power game in Islamabad, the Pakistan Army uses image as its most potent weapon. Portrayed as efficient, smart and highly disciplined, it is projected as an institution which can fix anything that others – especially politicians – cannot, from disaster management to overseeing polling and maintaining law and order. “The army legitimises its role by claiming to do what others cannot do. For instance, Ayub Khan said he would carry out development, General Ziaul Haq said he would Islamise the country and Musharraf said he would cleanse it of corruption,” says Dr Ayesha Siddiqa, a military analyst based in Islamabad.

Siddiqa says that the army has been successful in creating such an image, and sustaining it through most of the country’s history, because it has been successful in taking “intellectual control” of society. The exercise of this control involves domination of historical, social and political discourses; anyone questioning such establishmentarian discourses is dubbed a traitor. The intellectual control then translates into political power, which hinges on the army’s image as an institution superior to and better than any other in the country. “The army wants to be perceived as a powerful entity that never fails,” says Siddiqa.

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  1. Whatever madam Ashia Sadiqa is saying is her own opinion and her view point. However, in my opinion, as compared to the civilian governments that comes into existence, after harping the harangue of bringing a change in the lives of poor masses, can not deliver to a larger extent, the history of military governments has always been glorious in bringing in a real change in terms of prosperity, rule of law and peace. What would be the good use of talking about a democratic government, in which there is no any foreseeable prospect of giving anything beneficial for the overall betterment of the country except a long tale of mis management, corruption and lawlessness?

    Think for a while and instead of blaming the army for the ills of politicians would not be in any way bear fruit. It is the army that can avert impending external and internal dangers. The difference between army officers and politicians is that the former are well educated, well trained and disciplined persons while the later are mostly corrupt, illiterate and criminal thugs.

    If still we want to giver preference to the politicians than it is incumbent upon us that first of all we should legislate basis laws for politicians in which education must be a prerequisite. How can we expect illiterates to rule the nation when they have no least information about to regulate their own bodies? If an army officer spends almost three to four years in a rigorous mental and physical training than why should there not be a prerequisite of having a general education for the politicians. Politician having fake degrees can not deliver anything to the nation. There must be a institute which can impart basic training to those politicians that wins the elections on the pattern of Pakistan Military Academy.

    I am from Gilgit-Baltistan and every one testifies to the fact that there is no any likelihood of the development projects that have been initiated in the time of Musharaf ear. The current PPP government has crossed all limits of corruption, mismanagement and lawlessness in the region. My prayers are with Pakistan Army which I think that is the sole guardian of our country after Allah, his last messenger and the people that possess the knowledge of the earth and the heavens.

    • What a perfect and realist analysis! respresenting the exact feelings of all real,sincere,educated and mostly majority of pakistanies.One may not agree with what Musharaf was doing especially in the later part of his period but by then he had got into the folds of traditional politicions and it did damage the army reputation and army as all know can’t be held responsible for it.

  2. Army can rule better or a democratic government, this question cannot be solved by just blaming on any of them. Every government has some defects, for example democratic government is more corrupt then army government but both has just slogans of betterment but the motive behind the slogans are to protect their regime and rule long. Of course, Army government is more powerful than a democratic one due to the fear of force in everyone and are failed to get cordial cooperation of peoples, they are arrogant by nature. Almost all evils including corruption are initiated by the force people or those who has some permanent power in the state.
    According to sher jan politicians are illiterate and the forced people are disciplined and highly qualified, no doubt they are, but questioned is that why force people are being exploited by the illiterate and fake degree holders? why elite bureaucratic class is being exploited? how an illiterate people exploiting state resource although they are in the hands of elite one. if you are able to find exact answers than you can conclude that the actual corrupt is our elite society whether they are practicing material corruption, moral corruption or clearing the path of illiterate to do so.
    Take the Taliban case, Take the Balochistan case, who irritated these races? ofcourse our elite educated class. who extraordinary empowered electronic media? Ans:General Pervaiz Musharif, Why? ans: To protect his regime. Result: corruption. although I am not against empowerment of electronic media but against its hidden motives.
    The elite society, dominant society, always protected their own society not nation. This society, if want, can bring rapid change in Pakistan by either mean, democratic or army government.
    What should be done? is to create harmony between societies as they can work for each other and provide them a unified education, eliminate the mediums of teaching, make more compulsory subjects at the root level, create more people to people contact, reduce long term punishment because punishment is only for resource less peoples, this brings a real revolution and then this state can be ruled by honest people.

  3. military is the disease which has been eating away the bones of Pakistan. It has replaced the the British colonials and now occupy their gymkhanas. They are atheists, against Islam. The generals are on the pay role of the CIA and busy massing their bank accounts in foreign lands They are a mafia which consider Pakistan as their money making machine and Pakistanis heir inferior class masses. They need to be rooted out one for all; if Pakistan to stand any chance to prosper.

  4. By blaming any institution will not resolve any problems. We had seen in the past governments blaming one another for their wrong doings. Every government which comes into power says that all odds are the aftermath of the previous government.
    Very unfortunate indeed.
    We must do following if we want to succeed:-
    1. Accept our follies.
    2. Correct them.
    3. It is not the system which is wrong or right, it is we.
    4. Select right person for the right job.
    5. Elect the right person. It is the responsibility of every citizen. Only then we can improve.
    6. Have faith in those who we choose. Let them work. Support them.
    Last but not the least.
    7. Let others do his job and we should do ours. Unnecessary critique does not bring good.
    Have faith in Almighty. He will bring the best for us. We have a good start. We have a country in the name of Allah and Islam and we will prosper In Sha Allah.

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