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After successfully infusing terror in the minds of the masses, some Taliban groups are now involved in extorting money from businessmen —  based in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, police officials say.

Umar Riaz, the senior superintendent police (SSP) who heads the investigation branch in Peshawar, says cases of extortion by Taliban have been reported in Peshawar’s Matani area. The Taliban of Mohmand Agency also receive protection money or bhatta from Mohmand traders based in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well as in their native tribal agency. “Around 50 per cent of the people contacted by such groups agree to pay bhatta after doing some bargaining over the amount,” says an official of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) who does not want to be named. This, the traders believe, is better than being kidnapped and going through the emotional and physical trauma attached with kidnapping, he adds.

A police source who knows how the extortion system works, tells the Herald that the Taliban usually have detailed information about the wealth, income and assets of the people they call to demand bhatta. “First they [the militants] make a call to their target and ask for money. If the receiver of the call says that it is impossible for him to arrange the huge amount of money being demanded, he is provided with all the information about his assets including his bank balance,” the source says. At the next stage, an explosive device is blown up in his car or near his house, in order to make him realise that he has no option but to pay, he adds.

In one such case, according to the IB official, the Taliban sent a message to a Matani-based hundi operator and demanded three million rupees as bhatta which the Taliban usually dub as donation for their “holy cause”. After the businessman did not pay the money, the militants blew up a bomb near the entrance of his house, killing a women working in the house. Officials say such terror tactics also force most people paying bhatta to avoid registering cases with the police.

20 thoughts on “Forced donations

  1. And the Taliban are doing the good work of fighting the kafirs, the enemies of the Islam!!!!!!
    The Taliban can NOT survive without the support of the radical, fanatics who only know how to hate and exclude and the implicit but sure support of the ISI and some in the Pakistani Government.

  2. Terrorism is slowly becoming a business. Hierarchically structured secret organization is being established within Talibans umbrella organisation like any other mafia in the world except that it is too dangerous!

  3. Thanks to Mullahs who are promoting Taliban ideology of hatred for the last 30 years (that inclues current Pakistan Defence Council). No country in the islamic world has a such a level of hatred where they would kill shias and cut them into peices. Did Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) ever did this to even kafirs and mushriks let alone talk about muslims. On the top quietness of our other Mullah Lot..what a hypocracy. Army regime is equally involved in this crime.

  4. The word Taliban means “the Thieves of God”.
    They should live in Saudi Arabia. Then they would want no Sharia Law.

  5. i think these peoples are not real taliban who are fighting with US & Nato forces………these peoples are robber, mugger etc………….they only use the name of taliban

  6. Ok ! Now almost everyone knows about this practice of Taliban, Let’s talk about the solution and save the country. Please note that we have only One Pakistan. The so-called law makers should do something now, before it’s too late. Somebody please ask Mr. Kayani to wake up. GOD Bless All

  7. @Imran:
    Why do we have to have a balance out policy? I have read DAWN writing so many times about MQM. But why do you have to link Taleban to MQM always? This whole balancing-out policy has brought the country down. The truth is Taleban are doing what should not be done by Taleban-e-Ilm. And of course they are called “Soldiers of God”. With Soldiers like these, I wonder what kind of God they follow!

  8. This is no surprise, these are criminals, have been criminals, and will be criminals. Any body symphothising or supporting them, in any form, is equally criminal.

  9. I still remember the good old days of me living in the hostels of Punjab University and being asked for “Mali-Ayanat” (money) from the student union leader every month. So I am not surprised if their brethren are now asking forced money from businesses.

  10. People of Pakistan wake up. Or else they will destroy everything. We need to completely dissassociate ourselves from them

  11. The true Taliban never ever extort money from individual. If some group, having appearances like the Taliban, do extort, we should not blame the Taliban for extortion. A thief in the garb of a Nimazi, if steals someone’s shoes, should not let us label all Nimazis as thieves! I never condone what the Taliban do, but we should not misguide the countrymen.

  12. None of this would happen if the people of Pakistan were deweaponized. Nothing short of house-to-house searches have to be performed and all guns, licensed or unlicensed, have to be confiscated. Once this is complete, anyone found with a gun should be severely punished and all armed robbers should be sent to the gallows.

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